Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sewing Craze!

I don't think I've had a sewing post for a while now.. So here it is!Sometime in July, my dad's friend came into town, and inside the suitcase, was a nicely packed sewing machine! *leaps for joy* Oh and here's the kicker: My mom also packed some awesome fabric that she got from Angola, along with random crazy knick-knacks.. :D :D
Wheeee! I love it, look at the piles and piles of cloth to choose from! And they're super cute too, and Oh-So-Unique!
So then I got down to sewing purses, and when I decided to make a skirt, spent 1 hour learning on the internet how to make pockets (..because you just can't have a cute skirt without pockets!) - I'd say, not bad for a first circle skirt.. although it could always use a bit more flare and length at the back *grinn*
That was basically the whole of July - sewing, sewing and sewing :)
But now I'm in the process of Grad school applications, and essays galore - Wish me luck!
I was joking with a close friend yesterday, about me being a future graduate student/researcher with an knack for sewing.. Tee hee!
Oooh.. can you say test tube koozie?

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