Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Well, I don't think I've properly celebrated it (i.e dressing up, giving candy, trick or treating, Partying) this American holiday since I started college.. haha! Actually, the first time I stepped foot into a club was my freshman year of College at UTDallas for a Halloween party, with a friend from class.. and let me tell you, I probably was more grossed out that not when I saw all those college students dancing.. :P (But that's another story)

Over the years, I've always shied away from the Halloween parties only because a)I never had a costume to wear, and b)I always had a test the week after Halloween!

Anyways, this year, I somewhat had reason to celebrate, and I can't wait to post more pictures of my costume(s)! Yes, that's right, I have *drum roll please*... TWO COSTUMES!

To my story : I started volunteering my time at a Community Center for less fortunate people about a month ago, so I've been teaching an ESL class to about 20 students.. majority of them married, and children, and have been living in the US for about 2 years or so... we have majority Hispanics, and Vietnamese and a lady who's Haitian. I love my students, and it couldn't come at a better timing that I got to teach this class!
Anways, this year I decided that I was going to have fun and games for my ESL students and decided to dress up as a "Nerd"! Haha, you say, isn't that what you are already? Well, yes, and no.. I've been nerdy, but I wanted to go all out an exaggerate it teehee!

Ta Daa! I bought a white shirt, and felt letters and ironed on the phrase "Talk Nerdy to Me" and on the back it was "QTPi" <--- Get it?? Cutie Pie! *Grinn!* I taped up my Harry Potter glasses with tape and paper, and bought super cheap suspenders (Urkel-icious!):D

I also wanted to make cookies and decorate them, but by the time I didn't expect them to come out so tiny.. so I kept those for myself, and instead made a last minute rice krispy treats (that was too hard and stuck to my pan but luckily this lady saved me with her spatula :D)

We learned about the history behind Halloween, and learned terms associated with the holiday, and then we played pass the pumpkin! :D It was super funny watching adults get so excited over this game, and although it was educational, I hope they still had fun!
Here are a medly of pictures:
I made up questions for my Pumpkin game using people I knew! :D

And today I'll be in Austin going out for once on Halloween night! WHOOP! I'll update later on my cutest outfit ever! :D