Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tee hee.. Not really a craft/cooking post, but just a little 'Hooray! note' to celebrate finally being a post-graduate! :) I got my diploma around 3pm, on Friday the 15th of May, and now have finally joined the ranks of unemployed (sadly) for the next few months(?)

May is for:
-My parents being in town for 2.5 weeks, and for attending an old friend's wedding! ahh! The whole world is in love, it's pretty crazy! *Grinn*
-Moving back into the 2 bedroom apartment that my brother and I share.. finally after 4 years of living in a dorm room, I finally have my own room to myself again, and a real kitchen to cook in.. a cause for celebration!

Oh, and awesome, awesome news! I presented my mom with the Felt Truffles I made, and she loved them - And surprised me by telling me that she was planning on giving me one of her extra Singer sewing machine.. HOORAYness!

Craftiness plans for the summer (assuming time permits):
-Felt projects .. I want to launch a "Unedibles" collection :)
-Sewing projects - purses and bags galore! I have ideas I'm itching to sew something!

Cooking plans for the summer:
-Digging through the cookbooks and experimenting!

In the meantime, I'll be planning and sketching out things I'll be making, and applying for jobs and graduate school. Anyone have any suggestions/job offers for recent Biochemistry graduates??

Photo: With the fam on Graduation day :)

Monday, May 11, 2009


What do I do when I'm supposed to be studying for a final? Updating this blog, of course! *Grinn* I hope this doesn't come and bite me in the butt when results roll in.. urgh (I'm almost done, I'M ALMOST DONE!)

So I thought I should post a medley of thing I have made throughout the school year.. I have been getting my hands "dirty" in felt; I just found out last year how much easier it is to sew using felt! And from there I've only gotten more creative in making little knick-knacks :)

Oh, go on, show off that work *Grinn*

Last summer I was busy doing research at school, taking summer classes as well as working part-time, but that didn't stop me from indulging myself in cute fun projects, as well as teach my roommates how to sew! The funny story was that they had seen me hand-sew all of my purses for about a week before telling me that one of them actually OWNED a sewing machine! Ahh!

Felt Project #1: Tick-Tac-Toast!
-I saw a toaster template online that was the cutest thing, so I decided to make myself a slice of toast ala felt style :) It is currently on display on my dashboard, right next to my Strawberry Chocolate Cake! Felt Project #2: Strawberry Chocolate Mini-Cake
-It turned out better than I expected it to! Felt Project #3: A Slice of Tiramisu Cake Topped with Strawberries
:) yummm! The very thought of Tiramisu makes me mouth water :DCrafty Project: Tell-Me-My-Fortune-Clutch
-I cleared up my closet over Christmas Break and found a stash of Fortune Cookie Fortunes that I had saved over the years, and so I decided to make a fun purse/clutch out of them! I'm waiting for a special occasion to use it!

Project #4: Dark Chocolate Truffles...
Oooh! I wanted to make something special for my friends for Singleton's Day, but due to upcoming tests and sorts, I fell short and decided that instead I would present these to my mother instead :) I have an obsession with Chocolate, but then again, Who Doesn't? Alright, I'm back to studying.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tiramisu Laced with Rum :)

Actually, it was meant to be a White Russian Tiramisu cake, but due to my lack of Kahlua or more like, the 'abundance' of stashed rum in my dorm (my roommate is 20 hence the word "stashed"), I decided instead to use rum in my recipe. I took this recipe off a book I was reading in B&N, and somewhat tweaked it to fit my own taste. Sad to say, the first time I made Tiramisu I made them into mini cakes which were super delicious, and even though I gave in this time to Ladysfingers, I must say that it's still pretty yummy!

I made this for a Girls-Gettogether-Potluck dinner and they loved it! And the next week I made it for the Korean Ladies I do volunteer Conversation Partners with (And boy, they sure wolfed it down pretty quick!)

Here's the recipe, substitute kahlua for rum if you prefer (I just make very strong coffee!), or don't if you would like the virgin kind :)

Tiramisu my way:
White Russian Tiramisu

1/2 cup marscapone cream cheese
1, 8oz. fat free cream cheese
1/2 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup black brewed coffee
2 tablespoons rum or kahlua (optional!)
1 package Savoiardi Lady's fingers

1. Brew coffee and cool down to room temperature
2. Let marscapone and cream cheese stand in room temperate so it is soft
3. Combine cream cheese, marscapone, brown sugar and 2-3 tablespoons of coffee with hand mixer or by hand (add optional kahlua or rum)
4. Using a deep dish/square container, dip the ladies fingers one by one into the coffee (they get soft very quick) and line the bottom of the dish.
5. Then take some of the cream cheese mixture onto the lady's fingers and smooth out to the corners.
6. Dip the rest of them lady's fingers again and line the top of the dish.
7. Smooth the top with the rest of the cream cheese mixture.
8. Sprinkle with unsweetened cocoa powder or shave some chocolate over the top!


Note: I prefer to let it refrigerate overnight or for a couple of hours - Just to allow everything to soak through.. Trust me, it's worth it!

Me and mum at Egypt! She's a cute petite woman with the skills of an artist, baker, chef.. basically SUPER MOM! I <3 you!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

First Post

There's a first time for everything - Well this is my first Crafting-Food-Documenting blog! I currently own a more personal blog, but I wanted to make this one specially for delicious foods and crafts I plan to make in the future! Look out for me, you won't be disappointed!