Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Why, Hello there! =)

My sewing, baking and cooking adventures never really started as a young child.. I was the typical tomboy who almost always came home at 6:50pm in time for dinner with a scrapped knee and dirt on my shirt. Typical.

It wasn't til I came to the States that a longtime friend started getting into the knack of cooking and baking and got me interested. Well, more like SHE was interested, and I merely followed. I am so grateful it caught on..and has stuck on for the better!

The last semester of high school, out of a crazy whim I decided to take a sewing home ec. class and to my surprise, I realized how much I enjoyed it, and was even astonished with what I could make with some cloth, a needle and thread and sewing machine!

I was hooked on from that point on, and in my years of college, I spent any free time I got baking, cooking, browsing bookshops and writing down recipes in random craps of papers tucked between an old notebook, and hand-sewing most of my bags...

And now this. I have realized since I started my 'hobbies' that I want to bring something special to the table. I want to write about food that I love, food that makes the reader interested enough to read, and excited to try. I love cookbooks with pictures- I mean, who doesn't? Food is such an essential part of my life, and I want to share my adventures with you!

I love the homey-hand made feel of a purse, bag, pillow.. whatever you name it! The fact that someone had carefully out each element and detail to bring a unique piece really touches my heart. I want to be able to bring that, and I hope that you find my collection as sharing a piece of me with you :)

Much love,
Pei - Yi