Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm in Love!!

.. With Skirt #2! Tee hee! *grinn*
So, I had plans to use twill as my fabric for a second skirt, but due to money issues (yeah, I didn't want to pay $7 per yard right now), I settled for Black Broadcloth at $2.50 per yard! Yayyness!

I eyeballed it to 1 yard and 7/8 inches (Don't ask why I decided that) .. and used elastic again.. but the kicker is that I made a wide sash as a waitband from the same leftover fabric to cover up the elastic! So it looks like a high waisted skirt but it's also so comfortable due to the elastic :) Wheeeee..

I had just enough leftover fabric to make the sash, but it wasn't long enough to tie into a ribbon, sadly... just a basic knot... which still looks amazingly classy!
I think the best part of my skirt is that I actually made a side pocket for it! If you want to know how to make pockets, this is the best video to watch, hands down! I sat there for 20 mins, watching the clip step by step, and it's so clear that now it's pretty much second nature to be able to make in-seam pockets! (Credits to Candi Cane Canncel and Village Expert for this tutorial!)

So here's my finished product:

What do you think? I love the poofiness of it, but I hope that the fabric isn't as sheer! haha!
Pictures of the back of the dress, front and side views.. I think the pocket is definitely the attention stealer :) LoVe LoVe it!

Ps: I finally figured out which setting to use to fix the blurriness and darkness of the pictures! Yay!

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