Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just my cup of Hot Chocolate...and Cappucino :)

My mouth is watering :)

If you haven't heard of Max Brenner's Chocolate Shop, check it out!! :)
The first time I heard about it was in Gold Coast after a tiring morning of surfing lessons .. thats right, I caught some waves! Wohooo! (and paid the price with sore arms and bruises :P)

Dan brought me to Max Brenner and I immediately fell in love with the whole atmosphere.. The store has a Willy Wonka-ness to it, and everything from the decor, to chocolate display, to the artfully crafted mugs/cups, I love it!

The Hug Mug! Cleverly crafted to fit into your palms, you cradle it and drink it through the tiny spout.. best for hot cocoa, a cold day, wrapped up in a blanket with a good book!
Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate :)

And the Kangaroo Cup! :) Best for capuccinos and coffee.. it has a tiny groove on the side that holds cubes of chocolate, and as you sip your delicious coffee, the warmth melts the chocolate, and you use the lick part of the spoon to scrape the melted chocolate into your cup, and the mix end of the spoon to stir it all together! :) Buyers beware: There will be alot of licking :P

I think there's something going on with wearing green to Max Brenner's :P
Ps: Guess who's got herself a Hug Mug??! That's righttttt.. yours truly! :) Thank you dear, you spoil me!

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