Friday, April 23, 2010

It's a good day for SUSHI!

Might I add, delicious home-made sushi?! :)

Yumm! The first time I decided to make sushi, was after I had just spent another $7 or $8 on a set of 6 measely pieces of California roll - I scoffed and said to myself, "Gah! I bet I could make it myself!!" haha..

So for some who may me a little, I can be pretty snobbish when it comes to some food (usually overpriced and average tasting), or even handbags and accessories for that matter. It probably came from my mother's influence who, growing would tell me "Ahh..that looks so simple, I can just make it for you" in order to deter me from buying random junk... and most of the time, she DID make it! And it would be just the same, or even better :P *grinn*

So yes, whenever I see a handbag that's made out of cloth, or a card that looks all fancy but the price tag is ridiculous, I tell myself, "Ahh, I could SO make that!" and I walk away feeling a tad bit satisfied :P muahahaha ..

Moving back to tonight's adventure, I had promised my parents a sushi night to "show off" my sushi-making talent.. (Yes, they had just came back from Japan btw, and you'd think they would have been sick of sushi, but they didn't even eat any!...umm, say what??!!)

Homemade Sushi
Suzy homemaker's seal of approvement!
Sushi rice
Rice Wine Vinegar
Salt & Sugar to taste
Seaweed seasoning (the ones that come in packets)
Carrots, Cucumbers, Celery, Fried omelette
(all thinly sliced)
Pickled raddish (the yellow color ones that Koreans use!) <--*Optional Seaweed Soy Sauce & Wasabi (for dipping)
Spicy Mayo sauce
Sri Racha chilli sauce (They almost always have these in Vietnamese and Dim Sum places!)
-->Add in a ratio of 2:1 Mayo & Sri Racha .. stir!

1. Cook rice according to instructions as indicated at the back of the packet

2. At the same time, thinly slice your carrots, cucumber, celery and fry & slice omelette

(Note: As a college student I would usually just rummage through the fridge to look for stuff.. which usually included pieces of leftover chicken (pulled), or lunchmeat :P yummm!
Make it your own and come up with your own random combinations! I encourage it! :P)

3. When your rice is done, let it sit for about 20 mins or so, or till it cools down to room temperature. Add in about 3 to 4 tsp of rice wine vinegar, a pinch of salt and sugar.. stir and combine. Taste to make sure it's not overly sour, or bland. (Add seasoning or you can always opt to not put in any!)

4. Have everything ready and set up to go.. don't forget your rolling mat! If not, just be careful that nothing falls out while rolling :P

5. In order of placement: Rice, Spicy mayo sauce, (a dash of toasted sesame seeds optional!), and the rest of the ingredients..

6. Place about a scoop of rice onto the seaweed and slowly press down to cover half of the area. Don't press it too flat!

7. Adding a dollop of spicy mayo, then the rest of the ingredients..

8. Now, the tricky part!! As carefully as possible, slowly wrap up the seaweed over the ingredients and press down to hold it in (Don't worry, with enough practice you'll be a pro at it! :D)
9. Ta daa!!! Admire how you've just accomplished your first (or second) sushi roll!! :)

10. I made my mom pose, but she kept on talking and complaining about how I'm making her pose every single time :P Oh please.... *grinn*

11. Don't forget the wasabi and soy sauce for dipping!!

Freebie Picture:
And because my parents are inviting people over, my mom decided to test out a "cereal prawn recipe" that she was wanting to make on Sunday.. so I convinced her to do a test trial.. muahaha! Yeshh! :D Deliciousness!! My mom is an amazing cook, baker, etc. etc. :)

mmmmmmmm prawns are so delicious! :)

Ps: My dad really likes to pose :P

Ps: I must have it in my genes too ;)

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