Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Easy Indulgence :)

Back when I was living in The Woods, my parents, brother and I used to go for our "Routinely Family Morning Bike Rides" to the closeby shopping center.. to get breakfast.. and what a scrumptious breakfast it was!

This Bagel Shop (how appropriately named) had baskets and baskets of freshly made bagels (I love carbs!) and delicious flavoured cream cheese... MMMMMMMMM! But the best thing I had there was by far was their Bagel Sandwiches.. to the point I would stare at them making it, and memorized how to do it step by step...

Put meat on the grill, Toast bagel, Melt cheese on top of meat, spread bagel, assemble sandwich, cut into two... Voila! Easy Peasy, right??


During my years in college, I have made this sandwich countless of times.. and really, it takes about 10 minutes to do.. or less! Depending on how well you multitask ;)

After hearing Nishan's sad stories about day after day grilled chicken sandwiches (aww!), I gave him a different option for dinner.. the Bagel Sandwich!

So here it is, I've tweaked my sandwich over the years to fit my tastebuds and apetite, but do what you do best: Pick your favourite ingredients and make it your own!

Pei's Bagel Sandwich (Easy, Peasy, Japaneeesy!)
4-5 Slices of turkey,ham, (or pulled grilled chicken) etc.
Pepperjack cheese :) <---I like it spicy!
1/2 an onion (or 1 small onion)
Salt & Pepper
(*Optional: 1 fried egg)

1. Saute onions on medium heat and add in s&p to taste ..
2. Cut bagel in half and toast .. spread with butter/margarine
3. Put slices of meat/turkey/ham slice on pan and heat (without oil)
4. lay cheese slices/grated cheese on top of the meat and let melt... top with onions
5. Scoop the whole thing and sandwich between bagel.
6. Enjoy Deliciousness!! :)

Tip: Sometimes I use a bit of garlic butter to saute my onions.. which makes it taste 10 times better! :) Try it!

Doesn't that just make your mouth water?? Thank you Nishan for making it :)

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