Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In the Land Down Under!

Hello peeps, It's been 2 days since I arrived in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia a.k.a The Sunshine State.. and Boy, let me tell you.. it REALLY is alot of sunshine!

With exception to the day I arrived, which suddenly turned about a thunderstorm lasting 3 minutes and in sporadic patterns hehe.. my mom said, the heavens are crying because you left Houston :P

Anyways, the flight was pretty good, I made the weight limit for 2 checked in bags! 69lbs Wohoo! And then I got the best surprise of all - Thanks Nishan, Bel, Gaya, Jon and Prabu (and I guess the brother :P) for seeing me off! And the rest for texts and phone calls! :) :) Muahhss! I really didn't intend to cry at the airport.. but as I was lining up at the security check in, and looking at everyone leaving, I got all teary eyed and all hell broke loose.. haha :P It was tears and runny nose from that point onwards.. even on the plane haha.. Wow. Real classy. *grinn*

Flight went from Houston to LA, then LA to Brisbane.. total trip was about 18 hours total + layovers... not too bad.. seeing how I was passed out for most of the 2nd half of the journey.. which I obviously regretted because I intended to watch all the movies I could! Bahh .. hehe! But note to future flight bookers: Fly Virgin Airlines! It's freaking awesome.. they really thought of the whole package, I'm thoroughly amazed! :)

Got through the customs easily :) :) And actually arrived there just as parents were turning into the airport.. and the Airport Ambassador (funny, right?!) was super nice and used her calling card so I could call my parents hehe :P

I got the grand tour of the house, and then shower, then we took a little trip to the university.. yes, I gave my parents a semi-heart attack with my driving.. haha basically I still am not as used to the left hand side of the car and I scraped the curb once.. ONCE! (Don't judge).. and the occasional driving on the other side of the road.. haha! I plan to be better by the end of this week, just you wait!

The next day with oriention I basically sat through a general orientation and learned random Aussie things like the war cry: 1st group yells out "Aussie Aussie Aussie!" and the 2nd group replies "OI OI OI!!!!!" haha.. apparently this is very common war cry. Hmm reminds me of the Aggie Hullabaloo.. except this is much more country unified..?

I spent the whole time trying to look for someone who could direct me to an advisor to talk about the courses I should be signing up for.. and only 1 person was helpful enough.. and another 1 girl who was also in the Biotechnology program who showed me the way to the building! :) And the funny thing was that me and my mom had a good laugh about how some students came here alone from far off countries, and here I am in orientation ... with my mother :P haha.. and I'm living with the rents! :D

Aside from that, just been spending time with the parents..I think they enjoy having me in the house? (haha!) and my mom has someone to nag to and feed random vitamins and my dad has someone to force to eat fruits and clear the dishes.. tee hee.

Still have to rummage through my pile of boxes, at this point I'd rather have them be burned off and me not knowing what I packed :P Oh the joys of unpacking!

Oh how I miss thee(s).. <-------------------This much!-------------------------------------->

For being my "twin" that it's a little scary how alike we are :P hehe!
For always being goofy-fun :) And knowing how to embarass me with awkward questions!

For going on my crazy museum-sightseeing adventures :)

For making me a little more girly :P

Tella, niece #1: For giving me crazy kisses, and for not remembering the time I shoved you off the bed when you were stinky :P

For Prima, Niece #2: For being a good herder and always following me around and licking your paws in the middle of the night :P

For the girls, and the best conversations we always have ;) (you know what I'm talking about!)

For only wanting the kunaku jelly I made :P And for never making me forget I eat alone Hahaha!

For childhood friends who always have good memories to talk about!


MT said...

"basically I still am not as used to the left hand side of the car and I scraped the curb once.. ONCE!"

i think i can use my monthly quota on this,cant i?

Foodie+Craftster said...

Haha.. thanks alot MT, yes-you've filled it for the whole month of March! and don't judge me! I've gotten superb at driving on the other side now :D that and because everyone goes SLOOOOOWWWWW ..