Monday, November 2, 2009

"Perfect in Every Way Possible"

Dear Readers,
Halloween this year
definitely made up for all those missed Halloweens! Wheee! I had a blast of a time, and the best part of all of it is, my costume was 70% homemade! :D

This year, my friends and I made plans to go to Austin to soak in the Halloween craziness that is 6th Street! I decided, Why not make it a good costume seeing how I haven't made much of an effort for the past years.. so my choices came down to these 3:

a) Sexy Scientist (kitten heels, lab coat dress-like, and test tubes)
b) Chef (wooden spatula, chef's hat, full apron)
c) Sexy 50's Housewife <----------- DING! DING! DING!

So I set about looking for things I could make:
Cutest Cherry print fabric from Joann's
White ruffle fringe (What is it called??!)
Beige fabric to make fabric peony brooch
Pearl necklace + Pearl bracelets
Cute black skirt with pocket (That I had already sewn in the last sewing project!)

It took about half a day sewing my apron, including pockets perfect for keeping my wallet and phone! (And as a 50's wife, I had to have my lipstick at hand! ;D)

I also copied a template for the peony flower brooch from Martha Steward's website! I frayed the edges to give it a more vintage-y look and pinched several petals and sewed it together to give it more depth and texture .. it turned out so well for a first timer! And I sewed on a super cute button to go with it, definitely proud of the finished product :)

I also found a string of craft pearls from Joann's for cheap and strung it onto an elastic chord, and even though it didn't go all the way around, I had a collared shirt to hide the empty space!

Enough talk, here are pictures!

-Things I love about sewing: My jar of threads, my awesome 50's apron, my felt donut pincushion, my jar of slowly accumulating buttons!, and my Peony fabric flower brooch <3>

Fabric Peony Brooch.. Ahhh! I love it so!

And last and not least.. the whole ensemble! I sneaked my brother's SLR camera again to take my pictures tee hee! I'd have to say, my outfit was tastefully classy, and none of that "scantily clad costumes" :P <--- Although, I got a very weird comment from a friend of a friend suggesting I wear that more often when I'm married?? hahah! My friends had some pretty kewl costumes as well! :)

Irene- forest nymph, Melvin- Popeye (we saw 5 of them that night!), Jon- creepy zombie, Benedict- devil, Belinda- hula girl, Nishan- the Apple dude, Emily- Avril Lavigne-esque, Albert- a tree (I thought his was the funniest, and definitely the most unique!), Prabu- beat up guy, Gaya- witch, Andrew- a Spartan, and Jennifer- Rennaissance girl?

Yay for the best Fall weekend!

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