Thursday, May 21, 2009


Tee hee.. Not really a craft/cooking post, but just a little 'Hooray! note' to celebrate finally being a post-graduate! :) I got my diploma around 3pm, on Friday the 15th of May, and now have finally joined the ranks of unemployed (sadly) for the next few months(?)

May is for:
-My parents being in town for 2.5 weeks, and for attending an old friend's wedding! ahh! The whole world is in love, it's pretty crazy! *Grinn*
-Moving back into the 2 bedroom apartment that my brother and I share.. finally after 4 years of living in a dorm room, I finally have my own room to myself again, and a real kitchen to cook in.. a cause for celebration!

Oh, and awesome, awesome news! I presented my mom with the Felt Truffles I made, and she loved them - And surprised me by telling me that she was planning on giving me one of her extra Singer sewing machine.. HOORAYness!

Craftiness plans for the summer (assuming time permits):
-Felt projects .. I want to launch a "Unedibles" collection :)
-Sewing projects - purses and bags galore! I have ideas I'm itching to sew something!

Cooking plans for the summer:
-Digging through the cookbooks and experimenting!

In the meantime, I'll be planning and sketching out things I'll be making, and applying for jobs and graduate school. Anyone have any suggestions/job offers for recent Biochemistry graduates??

Photo: With the fam on Graduation day :)

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